Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New shop, new items.

Hi all! So sorry about not posting yesterday! School has completely overtaken my life, and thus, no time for Etsy. BUT, I told school to hush for a while so I could be at peace! Tonight, I took on the extreme task of making hard candy. You know, the kind we sprinkle powdered sugar on and smash up into little bits...Yes. It's difficult. The temperature has to be perfect or you fail. Anyway, I think I mastered it. I made a watermelon flavor and I think it made about 2 pounds of candy! Now i'm at a loss for what to do with it all...Anyway, back to what the blog was originally about. I'm making a new shop! I know, I know..LazyThursday has only been up for about a month..Here's the thing, LazyThursday is going nowhere for me..i'm not discouraged, I just want to try a new route. I got many many comments and feedback about how random my shop is and how hard it is to find what people want because of the random things. I have also heard suggestions about how I should just make a bunch of one thing so it doesn't look so scattered. However, I think I am just looking to go a completely different direction : Candy & Candles I recently discovered candle-making and I cannot wait to start. Also, like I mentioned, the candy-making is going really well! I figure candy and candles will be good for Christmas, soo i'm changing it up! New shop, new products, sales! =] I plan to focus more time on my pictures and on my listings, because I believe that's what has held me back in my previous shop. My pictures were dark, my listing were short and didn't really answer any questions. I'm hoping my shop will progress and become the blossoming store I know it can be! By the way, I skipped out on features for a few days because I am looking through everyone's shops and picking my items first, now. So sorry about the delay for features, will be back up tomorrow...Could YOU be next?! Dun dun dun...
Brooke (LazyThursday, soon to be candiesNcandles.)

Monday, September 28, 2009

My shop!

I know i've already posted today, however I wanted to let everyone know about the sale going on in my shop! I've recently been informed that i'm not getting any sales because I have too many different things in my shop, and it's hard to navigate...Therefore, i'm going to clean out the shop and start over! All of my jewelry is half price and everything will go on sale slowly throughout the week! So go and check out my shop, the deals are really good! =] Thanks all,
- Brooke

Oh, Monday...

Shew! Sorry about the amount of time it has taken me to blog! I think I have decided not to blog on Saturdays and Sundays, however I haven't really done my research on that, so you all tell me what you think! Today has been super hectic and i'm ready to sit back and look at some more great shops! Can't wait to share my finds with you!

aand the random selection starts with : buddingcreations! My favorite Etsy find from your shop is the BEADED WHITE ROSE
At first glance, I thought it was a real flower! The intricate design and beautiful beading pattern will really make you do a double-take! Without a doubt the prettiest fake flower I have ever seen! Check it out, everyone, buddingcreations is really putting a new spin on artificial plant-life! Make sure you stop by and see the other designs she has come up with!

I know, you're antsy to see who's it you? ... : FirstStepPhoto! You have been selected next! FirstStepPhoto's shop is full of 70 different "vinyl wall art" creations! I have to say, THIS is my favorite! - Owl on a branch - First Step photo Vinyl Wall Art
Right now, I think owls are the "it" thing in the Etsy world. I've come to love them! This gorgeous piece of wall art would look good in many rooms! If I had a library in my home, this would definitely be in it! Great job FirstStepPhoto! Go check out her site : FirstStepPhoto

And last, but most definitely not least : LizzyBdesigns! : My favorite item in your shop is - Fall 2009 Collection Pumpkin Karma Bracelet
This beautiful bracelet is very fun, and very Fall! Its orange rounds and leather binding make it a great find to wear all season! Very festive and functional for Halloween and Thanksgiving! (My favorites!) Head on over to LizzyBDesigns and see what other great finds there are!

Thanks again to everyone who volunteered to make this blog possible! Hope you're enjoying the items i'm finding! I sure am!
- Brooke

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's a gloomy friday =/

Hi all! it's me again, finally got home from the hustle and bustle of my Friday afternoon. Had to go take care of a ticket...needless to say it took me all day, but I finally got it all dismissed!
Anyway, on to the fun part of the blog : FEATURES! I had soo many blog requests that I found it hard to pick! Anyway, I went ahead and picked 3. Here we go! :

First up, is Zenhen! She was the very first person to send me feedback on my new blog! This is my favorite item in her store : Yellow and Green Deco Bowls

I think they are adorable and I imagine myself eating soup out of them, Yumm! Anyway, Zenhen seems very dedicated in the "Go Green" process, so she's selling items to be "re-used"! What a great idea! A neat little shop that I think you'll all love! ZenHen

Alright, and the finger points to......TheNotableKnot! She make b-e-a-utiful bracelets! My favorite being : Blue Ziggy Micro Macrame Friendship bracelet, Hand knotted

I love the colors! I think purple is so pretty, especially on jewelry! I noticed her great policies, and the fact that she is loyal to all of her customers! That is very honorable for her to care so much about each person! Love her shop! TheNotableKnot

The third and final random feature is : mindielee! With her 258 listings, and 255 sales you can bet she is a force to me reckoned with! I am absolutely in LOVE with these earrings : SHOWSTOPPER earrings - polymer clay, jade and crystal

They are gorgeous! The funky style, and the beautiful colors really make them pop! At a rating of 446/100% you can't go wrong with Mindielee!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday and continues to have a great weekend! Thanks for all the support!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Features?

this is the list of upcoming features! the contest is whoever buys from my shop will get half of a blog dedicated to them! if you buy 2 things, you get a whole blog! If i get no sales, I will randomly pick 3 shops to feature! Good luck and have fun! (If you're not on the list, please comment or contact me, you still have time! :

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*As you can see, this is my very first blog! I am super excited to see where this takes me in my journey to make millions! (haha)

¤First of all, I would like to thank everyone on Etsy who has been so kind to help me out and give me advice on how to prosper in my Etsy career!¤

Second of all, I would like to give a special thanks to my friend, Jennifer, who brought me to Etsy in the first place! Visit her site and buy her very cute items!

Third, I would like to start my first blog off with a couple of featured shops! :

First up is "rubbish remade"

I love this shop because she is using things that many throw away to make new things that people would like!

I have tried my hand at the magazine bowl as well :

Second up is the one and only : Aftereleven!

I love her shop because I love to make things out of records! She is very inventive with her record bowls and record necklaces! Wonderful way to turn trash into treasure! Beautiful shop!

The third and last seller I want to recognize today is : RachelsPetDesigns
I love the dog toys she makes! They look super durable, and my dog would LOVE them! A great way to get use out of excess fleece!

Well, did you get it? Did you figure out what all of these shops have in common? That's right! I picked out one thing from each shop that I actually sell in my OWN shop! I sell magazine bowls, record bowls, and dog toys!

Thanks to all who let me feature you in my very first blog! Hope you enjoyed it!

God Bless,