Friday, September 25, 2009

It's a gloomy friday =/

Hi all! it's me again, finally got home from the hustle and bustle of my Friday afternoon. Had to go take care of a ticket...needless to say it took me all day, but I finally got it all dismissed!
Anyway, on to the fun part of the blog : FEATURES! I had soo many blog requests that I found it hard to pick! Anyway, I went ahead and picked 3. Here we go! :

First up, is Zenhen! She was the very first person to send me feedback on my new blog! This is my favorite item in her store : Yellow and Green Deco Bowls

I think they are adorable and I imagine myself eating soup out of them, Yumm! Anyway, Zenhen seems very dedicated in the "Go Green" process, so she's selling items to be "re-used"! What a great idea! A neat little shop that I think you'll all love! ZenHen

Alright, and the finger points to......TheNotableKnot! She make b-e-a-utiful bracelets! My favorite being : Blue Ziggy Micro Macrame Friendship bracelet, Hand knotted

I love the colors! I think purple is so pretty, especially on jewelry! I noticed her great policies, and the fact that she is loyal to all of her customers! That is very honorable for her to care so much about each person! Love her shop! TheNotableKnot

The third and final random feature is : mindielee! With her 258 listings, and 255 sales you can bet she is a force to me reckoned with! I am absolutely in LOVE with these earrings : SHOWSTOPPER earrings - polymer clay, jade and crystal

They are gorgeous! The funky style, and the beautiful colors really make them pop! At a rating of 446/100% you can't go wrong with Mindielee!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday and continues to have a great weekend! Thanks for all the support!


  1. Lovely blog. Great items you picked to feature. Happy blogging!

  2. Thank you very much! I am working on my list, trying to find the best items in each shop! Thanks again!