Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh, Monday...

Shew! Sorry about the amount of time it has taken me to blog! I think I have decided not to blog on Saturdays and Sundays, however I haven't really done my research on that, so you all tell me what you think! Today has been super hectic and i'm ready to sit back and look at some more great shops! Can't wait to share my finds with you!

aand the random selection starts with : buddingcreations! My favorite Etsy find from your shop is the BEADED WHITE ROSE
At first glance, I thought it was a real flower! The intricate design and beautiful beading pattern will really make you do a double-take! Without a doubt the prettiest fake flower I have ever seen! Check it out, everyone, buddingcreations is really putting a new spin on artificial plant-life! Make sure you stop by and see the other designs she has come up with!

I know, you're antsy to see who's it you? ... : FirstStepPhoto! You have been selected next! FirstStepPhoto's shop is full of 70 different "vinyl wall art" creations! I have to say, THIS is my favorite! - Owl on a branch - First Step photo Vinyl Wall Art
Right now, I think owls are the "it" thing in the Etsy world. I've come to love them! This gorgeous piece of wall art would look good in many rooms! If I had a library in my home, this would definitely be in it! Great job FirstStepPhoto! Go check out her site : FirstStepPhoto

And last, but most definitely not least : LizzyBdesigns! : My favorite item in your shop is - Fall 2009 Collection Pumpkin Karma Bracelet
This beautiful bracelet is very fun, and very Fall! Its orange rounds and leather binding make it a great find to wear all season! Very festive and functional for Halloween and Thanksgiving! (My favorites!) Head on over to LizzyBDesigns and see what other great finds there are!

Thanks again to everyone who volunteered to make this blog possible! Hope you're enjoying the items i'm finding! I sure am!
- Brooke


  1. Thank you for featuring one of my items! And WOW.....THAT ROSE!!!

  2. Can you believe it?! Beads! So cool! and no problem I looovee your shop! thanks for your interest in my blog! you're really helping me out even if you don't realize! =]