Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New shop, new items.

Hi all! So sorry about not posting yesterday! School has completely overtaken my life, and thus, no time for Etsy. BUT, I told school to hush for a while so I could be at peace! Tonight, I took on the extreme task of making hard candy. You know, the kind we sprinkle powdered sugar on and smash up into little bits...Yes. It's difficult. The temperature has to be perfect or you fail. Anyway, I think I mastered it. I made a watermelon flavor and I think it made about 2 pounds of candy! Now i'm at a loss for what to do with it all...Anyway, back to what the blog was originally about. I'm making a new shop! I know, I know..LazyThursday has only been up for about a month..Here's the thing, LazyThursday is going nowhere for me..i'm not discouraged, I just want to try a new route. I got many many comments and feedback about how random my shop is and how hard it is to find what people want because of the random things. I have also heard suggestions about how I should just make a bunch of one thing so it doesn't look so scattered. However, I think I am just looking to go a completely different direction : Candy & Candles I recently discovered candle-making and I cannot wait to start. Also, like I mentioned, the candy-making is going really well! I figure candy and candles will be good for Christmas, soo i'm changing it up! New shop, new products, sales! =] I plan to focus more time on my pictures and on my listings, because I believe that's what has held me back in my previous shop. My pictures were dark, my listing were short and didn't really answer any questions. I'm hoping my shop will progress and become the blossoming store I know it can be! By the way, I skipped out on features for a few days because I am looking through everyone's shops and picking my items first, now. So sorry about the delay for features, will be back up tomorrow...Could YOU be next?! Dun dun dun...
Brooke (LazyThursday, soon to be candiesNcandles.)

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